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Hey all:

I know it’s been a long stretch since the last post, but real life intrudes, with my work-in-progress, some freelance work, and oh yeah — full-time work and parenting! I could put up a few more previously published pieces, but I have been trying to avoid doing too many of those in a row.
  So: in lieu of an actual, fresh, brand-new post, here’s a preview of what’s ahead and/or in the works:

  • A breakdown, analysis and, if I can figure it out on WordPress, honest-to-gosh poll on the best werewolf songs (if you have one you want included, leave a comment!);
  • A semi-vicious, resigned, and gung-ho look at How to Revise and Rewrite a Novel Until You Want to Scrape Your Eyeballs Out; and
  • An interview with Julianne Snow about her new zombie novel, Days With the Undead, part of her massive blog tour.

At some point I may also opine on the search terms that are bringing people to this site, but the blog is young; I’m sure I’ll have plenty more ludicrous items after a few more months.

So: thanks for your patience, and stay tuned.  Even if you don’t, rest assured I’ll be tweeting the hell out of any new writing I do here.


David Jón Fuller

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