Werewolf shirts you need to own

productimage-picture-the-slaughtered-lamb-58Do you like werewolves? Are you tired of vampires stealing all the sartorial elegance? Never fear. What you need are a few snazzy, sharp, fangs-and-fur t-shirts to liven up your wardrobe. There are many lycanthropic tees out there, but here, for a start, are my choices for werewolf shirts you need to own…

Join in the fun

By the way, if you have your own favourites not included here, please feel free to add them!  You can include links, so readers can seek them out. And vote for what you think is the best shirt!

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  1. I’m uh, just commenting to point out that I only “liked” my own post because I’m stunned I can do this on a WordPress.org self-hosted site. I thought that was only possible on a WordPress.com site….

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