Long Hidden cover, table of contents revealed

LH-cover-onlytitleandeditorsI was already thrilled to have a story in the upcoming Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, because I think the concept and motivation behind an anthology that celebrates people who were marginalized in their time and place, and puts them at the centre of the story, is fantastic. (And working and corresponding with the editors Rose Fox and Daniel José Older, and Crossed Genres Publications, has been awesome.)

But now I am even more keen to read and see the finished product, since the beautiful cover (above) by Julie Dillon was revealed.

On top of that, the full table of contents, showing not only the story titles and authors, but also the era and location depicted in each story as well as the artist who created original work for each story, has been announced.

I was very pleased to see what Aaron Paquette created to go with my story — I love his work, and you should totally check it out. You’ll have to wait for Long Hidden to come out this spring, though, before seeing his artwork for “A Deeper Echo.”

The following is taken from longhidden.com:

“Ogres of East Africa” by Sofia Samatar

  • Kenya, 1907
  • illustrated by GMB Chomichuk

“The Oud” by Thoraiya Dyer

  • The Shouf, Ottoman Empire, 1633
  • illustrated by Janet Chui

“Free Jim’s Mine” by Tananarive Due

  • Georgia, U.S.A., 1838
  • illustrated by Alice Meichi Li

“Ffydd (Faith)” by S. Lynn

  • Wales, 1919
  • illustrated by Daria Khvostova

“Across the Seam” by Sunny Moraine

  • Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 1897
  • illustrated by Eric Orchard

“Numbers” by Rion Amilcar Scott

  • Maryland, U.S.A., 1919
  • illustrated by Alice Meichi Li

“Each Part Without Mercy” by Meg Jayanth

  • Madras, India, 1746
  • illustrated by Kaysha Siemens

“The Witch of Tarup” by Claire Humphrey

  • Tarup, Denmark, 1886
  • illustrated by Daria Khvostova

“Marigolds” by L.S. Johnson

  • Paris, France, 1775
  • illustrated by Daria Khvostova

“Diyu” by Robert William Iveniuk

  • British Columbia, Canada, 1883
  • illustrated by GMB Chomichuk

“Collected Likenesses” by Jamey Hatley

  • New York City, U.S.A., 1913
  • illustrated by Nilah Magruder

“Angela and the Scar” by Michael Janairo

  • Ilocos Norte Province, Philippines, 1900
  • illustrated by Eric Orchard

“The Colts” by Benjamin Parzybok

  • Hungary, 1514
  • illustrated by Sasha Gallagher

“Nine” by Kima Jones

  • Phoenix, U.S.A., 1902
  • illustrated by GMB Chomichuk

“The Heart and the Feather” by Christina Lynch

  • Austria, 1589
  • illustrated by Janet Chui

“A Score of Roses” by Troy L. Wiggins

  • Memphis, U.S.A., circa 1968
  • illustrated by Eric Orchard

“Neither Witch Nor Fairy” by Nghi Vo

  • Belfast, Ireland, 1895
  • illustrated by Kaysha Siemens

“A Deeper Echo” by David Fuller

  • Winnipeg, Canada, 1919
  • illustrated by Aaron Paquette

“Knotting Grass, Holding Ring” by Ken Liu

  • Yangzhou, China, 1645
  • illustrated by Jennifer Cruté

“Jooni” by Kemba Banton

  • Jamaica, 1843
  • illustrated by Nilah Magruder

“There Will Be One Vacant Chair” by Sarah Pinsker

  • Ohio, U.S.A, 1862
  • illustrated by Kaysha Siemens

“It’s War” by Nnedi Okorafor

  • Aba, Nigeria, 1929
  • illustrated by Esme Baran

“Find Me Unafraid” by Shanaé Brown

  • North Carolina, U.S.A, 1905
  • illustrated by Kasey Gifford

“A Wedding in Hungry Days” by Nicolette Barischoff

  • Shandong Province, China, 1900
  • illustrated by Eric Orchard

“Medu” by Lisa Bolekaja

  • Kansas, U.S.A., 1877
  • illustrated by Esme Baran

“Lone Women” by Victor LaValle

  • Montana, U.S.A, 1914
  • illustrated by Eric Orchard

“The Dance of the White Demons” by Sabrina Vourvoulias

  • Guatemala, 1524
  • illustrated by GMB Chomichuk

The anthology will be available this spring, I believe in May! Visit longhidden.com for details.

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