Story on board: Accessing the Future

Accessing the FutureIn case you haven’t heard about this book, Accessing the Future is a new SFF anthology that explores “issues of disability (invisible and visible, physical and mental), and the intersectionality of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, and class—in both physical and virtual spaces.” The table of contents has just been announced, and I’m thrilled my short story “In Open Air” will be included.

The collection, published by The Future Fire, is edited by Kathryn Allan and Djibril al-Ayad. The cover artwork is by Robin E. Kaplan, a.k.a. The Gorgonist.

And there are a lot of great writers in this collection. (If you enjoyed Long Hidden, guess what? Sarah Pinsker and Nicolette Barischoff also have stories in Accessing the Future!)

Contributors include:

Stories by Nicolette Barischoff, A.C. Buchanan, Joyce Chng, David Jón Fuller, Louise Hughes, Rachael Jones, Margaret Killjoy, Petra Kuppers, Toby MacNutt, Jack Hollis Marr, Kate O’Connor, Sara Patterson, Sarah Pinsker, Samantha Rich, A.F. Sanchez.
Internal illustrations by Fabian Alvarado, Lou Badillo, Jane Baker, Comebab, Pandalion Death, Rachel Keslensky, Vincent Konrad, Tostoini
Cover art by Robin E. Kaplan
Guest preface by JoSelle Vanderhooft
Afterword by Derek Newman-Stille

With “In Open Air” I wanted to explore things such as permanent moderate hearing loss, permaculture, generation ships, and exoplanets. I also hate the get-0ut-of-jail-free card that are “universal translator” devices so I deliberately looked at what people would do without them in a diverse, fractured future.

Here’s the table of contents, as announced by publishers at The Future Fire.

Nicolette Barischoff “Pirate Songs”
Sarah Pinsker “Pay Attention”
Margaret Killjoy “Invisible People”
Joyce Chng “The Lessons of the Moon”
Samantha Rich “Screens”
Sara Patterson “A Sense All its Own”
Kate O’Connor “Better to Have Loved”
Toby MacNutt “Morphic Resonance”
Louise Hughes “Losing Touch”
Jack Hollis Marr “into the waters i rode down”
Petra Kuppers “Playa Song”
A.C. Buchanan “Puppetry”
A.F. Sanchez “Lyric”
Rachael K. Jones “Courting the Silent Sun”
David Jón Fuller “In Open Air”

Look for Accessing the Future to be available later this year.

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