Look on my links, ye mighty, and rejoice

Here’s my links roundup for this week. (Previous links posts here and here) Hop on for a neural network creating ridiculous musical genres, a reframing of a rejection letter, an unusual Turkish library, and a look at medieval warfare.

Neural networks create musical genres

I can’t get enough of the surreal, hilarious things on display at AI Weirdness. This post consists of musical genres created (and explained) by an artificial neural network, after being fed a dataset of 1,310 actual musical genres. I, for one, would love to explore “Spock ambient – a capella music,” “String blues – umbrella term for aggressive metalcore” and “Neue Blues – any music that combined bat lyrics.” Click through to find out why You are Wrong about Music, according to this neural network.

Reframing the rejection letter

Insightful piece by Jonathan Ball on writing, publishing, and what you can learn from a rejection letter.

Reduce, re-use… read

This is a fascinating kind of library, created by Turkish garbage collectors.

Medieval warfare and what we can learn from it

And here’s an interesting roundtable discussion on medieval warfare held at the 2017 International Medieval Congress. At the Medieval Warfare magazine site, video clips show panelists considering how war was affected by things like terrain and morale, how historians can explore in new detail how battle was conducted in the so-called “dark ages,” and also why, in past times, people went to war.

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