‘Les loups de Vimy’ out now in Ténèbres 2017

I’ve been waiting a while to announce this, but it’s finally available — my first short story published in translation is “Les loups de Vimy,” now available in the anthology Ténèbres 2017, published annually in by Dreampress in France. Translated by Sabine Sur, ‘Les loups de Vimy” was originally published in English as “The Wolves of Vimy” in Kneeling in the Silver Light: Stories from the Great War.

Wolves of the Muddy Waters — a chronology

For those interested in lycanthropic continuity, I decided to write a short post about the linked werewolf stories I’ve been working on.  I’d started focusing on short fiction between the last two drafts of my novel, which is now in the query trenches, and started building up a lot of tales about other characters in the world I’ve been working on.

I’m not sure what to call it as a series yet — though I’m leaning toward “Wolves of the Muddy Waters “ — but here’s the timeline for any readers interested in getting the whole picture. (This is not including finished stories that are out there on submission but haven’t found a home yet.)

If you prefer to avoid SPOILERS, then skip this and look at my writing credits here instead.

Douglas Smith and The Wolf at the End of the World

Douglas SmithAward-winning short story writer Douglas Smith has been called “one of Canada’s most original writers of speculative fiction” (Library Journal), and this fall he brings readers a deeper story in his novel The Wolf at the End of the World.

Thanks to ChiSeries, I am a total sellout

Of course, I am grateful to local ChiSeries organizers Samantha Beiko and Chadwick Ginther for inviting me to read last night — but also thanks to a cozy audience I can make a claim I doubt I will get a chance to again.

Photo: Samantha Beiko
Photo: Samantha Beiko

My fellow readers Rhiannon Paille and Susan Rocan read from their published works — Rhiannon from a dystopian story and Susan from her historical fantasy novel — but I have very few of these in book form, so I was mainly there to wave the flag for the first Winnipeg appearance of Tesseracts 17 and read from my story in it, “Sin a Squay.” No, it’s not even technically available yet! But thanks to Brian Hades at EDGE Publications and John Toews at McNally Robinson, there were copies on hand for ChiSeries Winnipeg well ahead of the Oct. 23 release date.

The author has claws: Interview with Kat Kruger

Photo: Edmund Lewis
Photo: Edmund Lewis

There are certain things we take for granted about werewolves — they’re supernatural creatures, they’re either wolfman-type monsters as in the movies or shapeshifters that turn into actual wolves à la folklore and a lot of modern urban fantasy. But in her Madgeburg trilogy, Canadian author Kat Kruger turns all of that on its head. The second novel in the series, The Night Has Claws, is out now.

Live, from Winnipeg… the ChiSeries readings

ChiSeries Winnipeg

It’s something I should have announced here earlier, but I am thrilled to be part of the ChiSeries Winnipeg readings on October 9, along with Susan Rocan and Rhiannon Paille. Organized by Samantha Beiko and Chadwick Ginther under the auspices of Chiaroscuro Reading Series, the ChiSeries readings bring speculative fiction authors together to read from their latest works.

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