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New here? If this is your first time at As You Were, this page is a good place to start.  (And if you like what you see, you can subscribe using the form at the top right of this page where it says “Follow This Blog.”)  The tagline for this blog is “Metal. Monsters. Myth.” — so let’s start there.



The Metal

You’ve probably guessed I’m not talking about uranium.  On this blog I often review heavy metal albums, books, and biographies.  For an example of each, please see:

Peter Criss’s From Makeup to Breakup

Book review of founding KISS drummer’s autobiography. He threatened to write a “tell-all” book about his time in KISS, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Iron Maiden’s Rock in Rio

For some reason, one of my most popular posts! And a pretty good album, too.


The Monsters

I review werewolf novels and feature interviews with authors, comic book artists, and other goodies. I also like some other monsters…

What’s Next For the Lowly Werewolf?

A look at where movie tropes have taken us and what the centuries of folklore may indicate for the future of the iconic lycanthrope in pop culture.

Tunes to Wolf Out To

A survey of songs about werewolves. One of my most visited posts. Songs included!

Hunting Monsters: Criminal Minds as Beowulf


In which I argue modern cop dramas endlessly retell ancient stories of trolls. You’ll never watch Criminal Minds the same way again…



The Myths

Thor Hits the Funnybooks

Marvel Comics wasn’t the only company that took Norse gods and wove them into new stories — but you may be surprised at how unlikely its success was.

Of Barrow-wights and the Balrog: Tolkien Brings Horror to Middle-earth

J.R.R. Tolkien deserves credit for kickstarting the entire fantasy genre, but he also created a modern mythology. See how in The Lord of the Rings he deepened his world with a strong current of horror.


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