“Sisters” now out in Swords & Steam

swords-and-steamWeeelllll it’s been a while since I posted here but I guarantee you it’s been a busy summer. Summer? Fall? Fall too. Anyway, one of the pieces of good news I have is that my short story “Sisters” was accepted into Swords & Steam, the latest in Flame Tree Publishing’s Gothic Fantasy series.

Like the other tomes in the series (yes, tomes), Swords & Steam is a big, beautiful hardcover book.  I’m in good company in this one, and can’t wait to read the rest of the anthology.
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‘Night Class’ out now in Corpus Deluxe


Corpus DeluxeIf you’re looking for a jiu-jitsu-infused vampire tale, you’re in luck: my martial arts urban fantasy story “Night Class” is now available in the new anthology Corpus Deluxe: Undead Tales of Terror, Vol. 1.

“Night Class” is inspired more than a little bit by my years in the dojo, and was first published in the now-defunct Alien Skin Magazine.  I’m very happy to have found it a new home in Corpus Deluxe, edited by Roy C. Booth and Jorge Salgado Reyes, published by Indie Authors Press.
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Accessing the Future: exploring in many senses

Accessin the Future image 2

When it comes to future tech, variations on a phrase in a roleplaying game sourcebook always stuck with me: “POOF: YOU’RE HEALED.”

That was the description for the top-level, beyond super-science medical technology of the far future. (For weaponry of that advanced era, it was “POOF: YOU’RE DEAD”; for transportation it was “POOF: YOU’RE THERE.” You get the idea. Also, possibly, I played far too much G.U.R.P.S. if its metaphors remain fixed in my head.)

One thing unquestioned, of course, and not within the scope of RPG rules, is the question: “for whom?”
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Updating my bookshelf: 2013 in writing


I’m going to admit: this is slightly embarrassing, but you have to start somewhere. For a long time, the only books I could claim to have stories published in came out when I was in high school.

Don’t get me wrong: at 15, finding out my assassin-droid short story “My Function is to Kill” was going to be published in Creative Minds ’88 made my year.  The anthology of student writing was published annually by the school division my high school was in, and it was a real cross-section of what a lot of us were going through and how that came out in our writing. (Er, well, I don’t know what an assassin droid says about my high-school experience, but I thought it was cool.)
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