“Not Fit to Print” in latest issue of On Spec

onspec-103I guess I could have sneaked (snuck?) this news into my last post, but I didn’t want to announce I had a short story in On Spec for the first time ever without being able to link to the latest issue and show off the gorgeous cover. I was very pleased that they accepted my short story “Not Fit to Print.” I’ve read On Spec for years and it was one of the first markets I started submitting to, way back when.

“Not Fit to Print” is about Marion —a waitress, a werewolf and a part-time private eye — as she tangles with the media in Winnipeg in 1965.
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‘A Deeper Echo’ now live at Far-Fetched Fables

far-fetched-fables-logoA few months ago, I was approached by District of Wonders, publishers of the Far-Fetched Fables podcast, about adapting my Long Hidden story “A Deeper Echo” into an audio version. They’ve produced more than 80 episodes, adapting work by such writers as Elizabeth Bear, Seanan McGuire, and Wendy Wagner (among many others), and recently put out a call for submissions.  I was thrilled to have my work in Episdoe 84, and you can listen to the show free of charge here.
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Guns and Romances now available

Guns&Romances LRI announced landing a story in the Guns and Romances anthology some time ago, but now I’m thrilled to say the book is now available.

Edited by Nerine Dorman and Carrie Clevenger, the concept for the book was that each story had to feature “two characters interacting, flavoured with guns and music.” My story, “Caged,” has a same-sex romance, a werewolf, running commentary on the top five heavy metal drummers of all time, and at least two firearms being used in accordance with Anton Chekhov’s maxim. Oh, and a snowmobile chase.
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Wrestling With Gods early release and cover reveal

Although Tesseracts Eighteen: Wresting with Gods won’t be officially released in print until March 2015, you can buy it for your Kindle on Amazon as of today.

T-18-Cover-110x170-100dpi-C8If your thoughts are taking on a spiritual bent at this time of year — or if they do as a matter of course, anyway — take a look at this anthology of speculative fiction that explores belief, faith and religion.

The beautiful cover was also revealed today. Fantastic stuff.

There will be more to come on the Tesseracts Eighteen: Wrestling With Gods anthology in the new year, with interviews and more. Stay tuned for more details. But if you can’t wait to read the stories and (unlike me) have a Kindle , you’re in luck.

The Beorn identity: more weird search terms

Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley

It’s been too long since my last roundup of weird search terms. Maybe it’s because I seem to get a lot of repeated hits about Ace Frehley and Peter Criss and I don’t feel they’re quite weird enough. But mainly, it’s that I wanted to share only the best with you, my loyal readers and hopeful Googlers.


The lycanthropic

I blog and write about werewolves, so it’s heartening to see that people find this site by searching for such specific topics as “werewolves in manitoba,” ” celtics and wearwolfs,” “songs to help write about werewolves,” and “would i find werewolves in canada.” To which I would answer: 1) read some of my short fiction, 2) learn to spell, 3) read this post, and 4) no: they find you.
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Werewolves, writing, and the first half of 2014

Wait, what? It’s July already? Not sure how the first half of 2014 burned up like that.  Oh wait, yes I am: I’ve been writing, editing and submitting like a fool. Well, a circumspect fool.

The year has been full of werewolves so far.


I meant to announce this earlier, but a brand-new werewolf story of mine, “Caged,” was accepted into Guns and Romances, a new anthology from Dark Continents Publishing. I’ve wanted to send them something for a while, so when the submission call went out, I thought hard about how I could come up with a story that would fit DC’srequirements for the antho. If possible, I wanted it to fit into the cycle of stories I’ve been working on for the last year and a half, and meet most of the criteria for Long Hidden, which is something I’ve been trying to do with new stories since submitting to that anthology last year.
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