WolfCop movie howls right to the top


The hardworking team behind WolfCop. (Photo courtesy of http://wolfcop.com)

Great news: WolfCop is now a reality. Writer/director Lowell Dean and his filmmaking team managed to advance through multiple fan-voted rounds of CineCoup’s development-spurring competition.  When they made it into the Top 5 finalists in the inaugural CineCoup Film Accelerator, I had hope they might make it all the way — and on June 10, they did.

At the  Banff Media Festival, they and the other four CineCoup finalists pitched their projects to a panel of industry experts, which decided which film project among them would receive $1 million in financing and a guaranteed theatrical release.  This is huge for any Canadian film, but even more so for a genre film — Canada seems to be known more for its comedies and dramas.

So: to the WolfCop team: congratulations!  It’s been fantastic to see this project taking form — now I can hardly wait to see the feature film!


For more information, see the official sites for WolfCop site and CineCoup.

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2 thoughts on “WolfCop movie howls right to the top

    • Looks like howling good fun. (Sorry.) Lowell and his crew have approached this with a great sense of humour and I’m really looking forward to seeing this on the big screen.

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