Metal Monday: Ozzy Osbourne’s Down to Earth

Down to Earth (Ozzy Osbourne album)

Again, Ozzy demonstrates why he has outlasted most of his ’80s-era metal peers, as well as more recent initiates of the heavy rock genre.

Teaming up with guitarist Zakk Wylde, who first added his pyrotechnics to Ozzy’s on 1988’s No Rest For the Wicked, the collaboration proves as fertile as ever on Down to Earth.

Songs such as “Gets Me Through” and “No Easy Way Out” crackle with energy, just as “Facing Hell” and “Can You Hear Them?” have a slightly disturbing sound.

Whatever the “bat-biting” school of critics may say, Ozzy knows how to write a good song. “Gets Me Through” is a direct appeal to his listeners, while “Dreamer,” a predictably radio-targeted quasi-ballad, is an articulation of the idealist’s plight in a cynical society. (“From Ozzy?!” you may ask? Well, give “Crazy Train” another listen, or go back to bat-biting school.)

Overall, another good outing from Mr. Osbourne.


Down to Earth
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Epic Records/Sony
  • Four stars out of five


I originally wrote this in 2002 and submitted it to Uptown Magazine, but was a little behind on current events; the album had already been out for a few months. CD reviews typically ran the week of release, or at most, a week later. D’oh!


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