How to dress for the polar vortex, a.k.a. Winnipeg

David in toqueI was recently invited to explain dressing for the vagaries of dressing for wind chill, blizzards, and temperatures nearing -40 C — or as we call it in Winnipeg, “January”– by fellow blogger and writer Angélique Jamail. I may not have the world’s greatest fashion sense, unless you like t-shirts or movie references, but I do know how to dress for the cold.

From my guest post:

If you are a Star Wars fan, imagine living on Hoth for several months of the year. Regarding automobile makes, some manufacturers may well have adopted the phrase “we’re having some trouble adapting them to the cold” as a given; but heated garages and block heaters, and, if all else fails, jumper cables and a helpful neighbour with a running engine are frequent workarounds.

This post came about when I commented to Angélique that I hadn’t taken my long johns off for more than 10 minutes since the beginning of December. A bit of an exaggeration, but there have only been one or two days when I haven’t worn them, so it feels true. The trouble is, there is no one fashion item I point to to get me through January, however long it lasts, psychologically or meteorologically. So I’ll go through a number of things I wear nearly every day, to look fabulous not getting frostbite in as I wait for my bus.

Read the entire post here: Fashion Friday 1/31/14.


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3 comments on “How to dress for the polar vortex, a.k.a. Winnipeg

  1. I have not taken my long handles off, either. Because why? It’s COLD!

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