Wolves of the Muddy Waters — a chronology

For those interested in lycanthropic continuity, I decided to write a short post about the linked werewolf stories I’ve been working on.  I’d started focusing on short fiction between the last two drafts of my novel, which is now in the query trenches, and started building up a lot of tales about other characters in the world I’ve been working on.

I’m not sure what to call it as a series yet — though I’m leaning toward “Wolves of the Muddy Waters “ — but here’s the timeline for any readers interested in getting the whole picture. (This is not including finished stories that are out there on submission but haven’t found a home yet.)

If you prefer to avoid SPOILERS, then skip this and look at my writing credits here instead.

“The Wolves of Vimy”

Cpl. Thomas Greyeyes is trapped with what remains of his platoon behind German lines less than an hour before the Canadian artillery barrage is to begin. The ability to change into an ancient dire wolf may not be enough to save him — and his friends — from the carnage of modern warfare.


“A Deeper Echo”

Amid the chaos of the Winnipeg General Strike, Thomas Greyeyes must find the white family who has removed his son and daughter from residential school before he was able to, and convince his children to come home with him.


“No More Good Indian”

  • MacDonald, Saskatchewan, 1930
  • Originally published in In Places Between 2013

At 10 years old, Marion Greyeyes has decided to escape from MacDonald Indian Residential School, taking her sister Jenny with her. But first she must uncover the mystery of Miss Harrow, who Marion and the other students are convinced has been drinking the children’s blood.


“The Harsh Light of Day”

Margaret Harrow doesn’t have much time before the sun rises and destroys her. The only thing standing in her way is an RCMP officer who remembers her from his time as a student in the MacDonald Indian Residential School.


“Sin a Squay”

When Marion Greyeyes’ sister Jenny goes missing, she learns her abusive former teacher, Miss Harrow, has finally found them – and wants revenge.


“Black Dog”

  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1980 (also 1970, 1977)
  • Originally published in The Harrow

Mitchell Hnatiuk has been lording it over his younger brother Kevin for years, but ironically he terrorized him less after Mitchell became a werewolf. But now Kevin has gotten some new muscle of his own, and wants payback.



  • Birds Hill, Manitoba, 1987
  • To be published in Guns and Romances

Horst Schellenberg just wants to go on a first date with Rene, the new guy who doesn’t seem freaked out by the fact Horst spends his winter evenings hunting deer as a wolf. But when a hunter captures Horst for “research purposes” it puts Horst’s — and Rene’s — life in danger.


That’s all I have out there in pixels and print right now, but if I get any news I’ll be sure to add it here.

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