‘Les loups de Vimy’ out now in Ténèbres 2017

I’ve been waiting a while to announce this, but it’s finally available — my first short story published in translation is “Les loups de Vimy,” now available in the anthology Ténèbres 2017, published annually in by Dreampress in France. Translated by Sabine Sur, ‘Les loups de Vimy” was originally published in English as “The Wolves of Vimy” in Kneeling in the Silver Light: Stories from the Great War.

The story follows the attempts of a small group of Canadian Expeditionary Force soldiers, many of them indigenous, and some of whom are werewolves, to escape imprisonment behind German lines on the eve of the massive Canadian and British bombardment that heralded Canada’s assault on Vimy Ridge in 1917.

It’s one of 21 short works of “horror and the fantastic” in the long-running French anthology series, edited by Benoît Domis and featuring a cover by Philippe Jozelon. The table of contents for Ténèbres 2017 is as follows:

“La révolte des jouets gonflables” by Robert Essig (Translation: Clotilde Landais)
“Il ne ferme jamais les yeux” by Phil Becker
“Les loups de Vimy” by David Jón Fuller (Translation: Sabine Sur)
“La terreur du village” by Sylvain Lamur
“Monstres” by Jeff Carlson (Translation: Sabine Sur)
“Tant que ça reste en famille…” by Jean-Marc Sire
“Derrière les thuyas” by Olivier Caruso
“Mémoire et grimoire” by David Gibert
“De l’autre côté du miroir” by TLDorian (Translation: Nadège Gayon-Debonnet)
“Creuser les morts” by Jean-Pierre Favard
“La servante de l’aswang” by Samuel Marzioli (Translation: Anne Escaffit)
“Dernier baiser” by Pascal Sacré
“L’enfant des terres” by Natalia Theodoridou (Translation: Muriel Georges)
“Hulotte” by Élodie Beaussart
“Des joueurs et des pions” by Erwan Bargain
“Passage en caisse” by Alexandre Ratel
“Syndrome de Stockholm” by Marilyn Bouchain
“Autopsie d’une rencontre” by Dola Rosselet
“De quoi avez-vous besoin?” by Milo James Fowler (Translation: Christophe Cuq)
“De becs et de chair” by George Cotronis (Translation: Céline Le Vu)
“L’église sur l’île” by Simon Kurt Unsworth (Translation: Nathalie Serval)

Ténèbres 2017 is available here, where you can also browse previous editions.


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