Marginalization, speculative fiction, and writing for Long Hidden, part I: the why

Writing and submitting a story for Long Hidden has changed the way I approach speculative fiction. Probably not enough, but it’s a start.

If you’re not familiar with Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, click on over and see what it’s all about. One of the purposes of the anthology edited by Rose Fox and Daniel José Older, published by Crossed Genres, is to put marginalized people at the centre of the story, with the added context of real-world history blended with speculative elements.

A big part of the reason I wanted to submit a piece to Long Hidden was I wasn’t sure I could do it.
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Pleased to have a story in Tesseracts 18

WP Religion

WP Religion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, the word is official: Edge Books has released the table of contents for Tesseracts 18: Wrestling With Gods, and a story of mine is among them. It’s always an honour to be included in Tesseracts, but especially so for me since Tesseracts 17 saw my first professional sale, and I’d submitted to previous incarnations of the anthology without success over the years.
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How to dress for the polar vortex, a.k.a. Winnipeg

David in toqueI was recently invited to explain dressing for the vagaries of dressing for wind chill, blizzards, and temperatures nearing -40 C — or as we call it in Winnipeg, “January”– by fellow blogger and writer Angélique Jamail. I may not have the world’s greatest fashion sense, unless you like t-shirts or movie references, but I do know how to dress for the cold.
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Long Hidden cover, table of contents revealed

LH-cover-onlytitleandeditorsI was already thrilled to have a story in the upcoming Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, because I think the concept and motivation behind an anthology that celebrates people who were marginalized in their time and place, and puts them at the centre of the story, is fantastic. (And working and corresponding with the editors Rose Fox and Daniel José Older, and Crossed Genres Publications, has been awesome.)

But now I am even more keen to read and see the finished product, since the beautiful cover (above) by Julie Dillon was revealed.
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