Wrestling With Gods on sale Feb. 2, TOC reveal

If you like speculative fiction that grapples with faith, religion and spirituality, and want to get it for a steal, there’s a sale on right now for Tesseracts 18: Wrestling With Gods. On Feb. 2 on Amazon, you can get it for 99 cents for the Kindle edition, readable on a Kindle or through the Kindle app.

Tesseracts 18 event

Feb. 2 is also the date of the online table of contents reveal via Facebook. Janice Shoults from EDGE Publishing explains: “This is a very informal event where you can drop by and post a question, and learn more about the stories that are in this anthology. Authors will be there on and off during the day to take your questions about their stories, and about faith in science fiction. Everyone who posts will be entered into a draw.”
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Metal Monday: AC/DC’s Rock or Bust

This review of Rock or Bust originally appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press, Dec. 4, 2014.

AC/DC: Rock or Bust (Columbia/Sony)

Rock_or_Bust_AC_DCAC/DC may have a few problems (drummer Phil Rudd faces drug- and assault-related charges, and founding rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young has retired owing to dementia), but you’d never know it from Rock or Bust.
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The top five other werewolf movies you should see


While there are many movies with werewolves in them, there are relatively few good ones in which the werewolf is the main character. Of those, the debate over which is best usually comes down to An American Werewolf in London or The Howling. (Traditionalists may also argue the case for 1941’s The Wolf Man.) Fine.  But what about the other werewolf movies out there? Here are my favourite five.
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Writing  the way forward: speculative fiction and inclusion

There are a lot of ways to look at storytelling, but one of the crucial ways to look at it, in my view, is by who it includes. I think this is true of any genre, but since I write speculative fiction, that’s how I’m going to consider it here.

Some very talented writers have addressed this already. If you haven’t read what they have had to say, I’d highly recommend you read:

Daniel José Older: 12 Fundamentals of Writing “The Other”

N.K. Jemisin on Why I Think RaceFail Was The Bestest Thing Evar for SFF and more recently Your groundbreaking is not my groundbreaking

Malinda Lo: On Self-Rejection and Writing From a Marginalized Perspective

Derek Newman-Stille on SFF fandom, ableism and homophobia and transphobia: My Cane is Not a Costume, and an interview with Kathryn Allan on disability in science fiction

These are just a few of the people writing on these issues.
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