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I haven’t done much in the way of blog posts that consist largely of links. I suppose I came close with Fake Metal Bands That Should Have Existed. However, the maestro of such posts is Natalie Luhrs, and if you’re not already following her blog, get thee hence and see what you’re missing. Then come back here!  I have compiled a bit of reading that caught my eye and made me think this week. You may enjoy these, too.

Writing and publishing

Epic fantasy and sci-fi author Kameron Hurley (The Worldbreaker Saga, Gods’ War) often posts candidly about the economics and reality of writing as a career. Her latest, “The Year I Drowned My Emotions,” is more gut-wrenching than most and well worth a read.

Writer and sensitivity reader Dhonielle Clayton (author of The Belles) was interviewed recently at Vulture about the work of sensitivity readers in fiction in recent years. It’s a hell of a lot of work and while it is important for writers writing outside their lane, it doesn’t address the real problem of own-voices writers not getting a fair shake in publishing. Read what she had to say here.

Star Wars stuff

Yes, these links contain spoilers for The Last Jedi. Click through advisedly.

Two of the many insightful takes on Star Wars: The Last Jedi have to do with Luke Skywalker’s arc over the entire canon of the films so far, and how it’s connected to the Jedi ethic.

You can read Teresa Jusino’s analysis of why Luke’s emotional, vulnerable side is what helps him flout the Jedi’s limitations and become a hero here. This also includes Pop Culture Detective’s 20-minute video, The Case Against the Jedi, which looks at Star Wars episodes 1-6.

For a nuanced look at how The Last Jedi explores the consequences of Luke’s experience in the original trilogy in its depiction of the character, see this excellent Twitter thread by Bryan Young.

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Hope you enjoyed these. Next time I’ll see about maybe adding a few more articles to my list. Stay tuned!

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