As You Were makes Alltop’s list for ‘heavy metal’

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Regular visitors to As You Were may have noticed a new badge or two on the site — the ones from  I’m happy to say after seeing Alltop recommended as an aggregator of web content, I submitted As You Were to Alltop’s discerning editors in the categories of “heavy metal” and “werewolves.”  They got back to me a number of weeks ago to tell me As You Were had been approved in the “heavy metal” category, and it’s now listed under that topic on their site.

What does that mean? Well, aside from the nifty badge that declares this site kicks ass, it’s resulted in posts here being listed at AllTop, and I’ve started to see a trickle of new visits to the site from it. That may not sound like much; but I figure if it means people are looking for posts on that subject and are coming here, they’re going to find what they’re looking for and stay a while. (Though given the constant flow of traffic I get from people searching for “iron maiden rock in rio” I’m seriously tempted to rename my blog Fear of the Dark. Hope those folks are happy too.)

I still plan to post regularly on Metal Monday, Werewolf Wednesday, and, when I can, Thunder God Thursday and Feature Friday. When I come up with some allegedly witty alliteration for other days of the week, I’ll let you know. I’ve been looking at different WordPress themes for the blog, since I’ve gotten a few complaints that the white-text-on-black background is hard on the eyes.  I’m sympathetic to that and the last thing I want is people clicking away from a post because they can’t stand looking at it.

I’m also going to see whether I need to focus the topics of my blog posts a bit more… still mulling that over. In any case, I’m at a lull in relentless posting right now, so if you are a regular or first-time visitor, and something about this blog is driving you crazy or just makes you go, “Hm…” please let me know. I’m looking at making some improvements, and feedback is always welcome.

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